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Alice Guardadoa

Alice Guardado

8th October 2017 0

Alice Guardado is a photographer currently based in Houston, Texas. Through photography, she is able to express her experiences to others that might be going through similar complications. Her project Gone was made in response to her parents separation, forcing her to be confronted with memories and recollections leading to emotional instability and anxiety.

Patrycja Marciniak

Patrycja Marciniak

26th June 2017 1

Polish photographer Patrycja Marciniak bases her photographs on personal experiences, feelings, emotions, and fantasies, wanting her viewers not to just see her images, but to feel them.

Zaklina Anderson

Zaklina Anderson

10th June 2017 0

In her work No one could save me but you, Zaklina Anderson combines double exposures of both the figure and landscapes to explore cultural displacement and the memory of war.

Giacomo Fierro

Giacomo Fierro

5th June 2017 0

Giacomo Fierro is an Italian photographer specialising in landscape and photo reportage. Through his projects he investigates the ever-changing relationship between man and landscape and the traces he leaves in it.



4th June 2017 0

In Traces 17 multidisciplinary artists explore who we have been, where we are now and who we would like to be.


Daniel Regan

14th May 2017 0

Daniel Regan’s on-going project Maytree explores the taboo of suicide through his experience of volunteering at the suicide prevention organisation.

More Than An Image

10th October 2016 1

In this short film photographer Daniel Regan discusses how photography saved his life & how he uses photography to engage in the world around him.

Annabella Esposito

4th October 2016 1

Annabella Esposito is a photographer highly influenced by states of mind, mental health stigma and the use of materials in both portraits & self portraits.

Amy Colebrook

Amy Colebrook

31st July 2016 1

Amy Colebrook is a photographic artist who focuses on the concept of the family. Her project A Stage Equilibrium is a response to her great grandfather’s suicide.


24th May 2016

The Artworks presents an evening exploring the dual perspectives of both clinician and patient through photography by Daniel Regan. 24th May 2016.