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Alice Guardadoa

Alice Guardado

8th October 2017 0

Alice Guardado is a photographer currently based in Houston, Texas. Through photography, she is able to express her experiences to others that might be going through similar complications. Her project Gone was made in response to her parents separation, forcing her to be confronted with memories and recollections leading to emotional instability and anxiety.

Danny Day

Danny Day

3rd September 2017 1

Danny Day is a fine art photographer who through his background in healthcare and through his own experiences uses photography to explore and express the complexity and difficulties of mental illness.

House of Cards

Zoe Amanda Jackson

17th August 2017 0

Zoe Amanda Jackson is a London based photographer with a keen interest in still life photography and exploring mental health issues within her practice, particularly social anxiety.



4th June 2017 0

In Traces 17 multidisciplinary artists explore who we have been, where we are now and who we would like to be.

Leanne Surfleet

Leanne Surfleet

30th May 2017 1

Leanne Surfleet is a UK based photographer dealing with themes of loneliness, nostalgia, anxiety & light through analogue photography.

Morgan Cable

Morgan Cable

19th May 2017 0

In his work ‘Isolation’ Morgan Cable attempts to convey his experiences of anxiety and his feelings of being alone.

Matthew Lees

17th April 2017 0

Matthew Lees is a BA Photography graduate from Cumbria University, 2016. In Therapy. 2 Lees explores the conflict of living with anxiety.

Jasmine Blanchard

30th November 2016 0

In Jasmine Blanchard’s series she aims to illustrate the feelings of anxiety to bring greater understanding and awareness to the disorder.

Claire White

Claire White

29th October 2016 0

Claire White is a 22 year old from Scotland, currently completing her BA in Photography at Edinburgh Napier University. She has a passion for creating projects that evoke a reaction from her audience.

Annabella Esposito

4th October 2016 1

Annabella Esposito is a photographer highly influenced by states of mind, mental health stigma and the use of materials in both portraits & self portraits.