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4th June 2017 0

In Traces 17 multidisciplinary artists explore who we have been, where we are now and who we would like to be.

Leanne Surfleet

Leanne Surfleet

30th May 2017 1

Leanne Surfleet is a UK based photographer dealing with themes of loneliness, nostalgia, anxiety & light through analogue photography.

Morgan Cable

Morgan Cable

19th May 2017 0

In his work ‘Isolation’ Morgan Cable attempts to convey his experiences of anxiety and his feelings of being alone.


Daniel Regan

14th May 2017 0

Daniel Regan’s on-going project Maytree explores the taboo of suicide through his experience of volunteering at the suicide prevention organisation.

Olivia Gerrard

Olivia Gerard

7th May 2017 6

In Swimming in Darkness Olivia Gerard eludes to the crippling nature of depression, highlighting the difficulties in mental health that men face today.

Matthew Lees

17th April 2017 0

Matthew Lees is a BA Photography graduate from Cumbria University, 2016. In Therapy. 2 Lees explores the conflict of living with anxiety.

Alicia-Rea Poole

Alicia-Rea Poole

12th April 2017 1

Alicia-Rea Poole’s project ‘For J’ was created for her mother who struggled with the photographer’s battles with mental health.

Nicola Davison Reed

Nicola Davison Reed

13th February 2017 3

Nicola Davison Reed’s dark and often haunting black and white work toys with themes of identity, fragility and gestures.

Barbara Dean

Barbara Dean

6th December 2016 0

Artist Barbara Dean explores her recent ADHD diagnosis and the importance of the act of walking within her practice.

Jasmine Blanchard

30th November 2016 0

In Jasmine Blanchard’s series she aims to illustrate the feelings of anxiety to bring greater understanding and awareness to the disorder.