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Therapy. 2

Matthew Lees

17th April 2017 0

Matthew Lees is a BA Photography graduate from Cumbria University, 2016. In Therapy. 2 Lees explores the conflict of living with anxiety.

Nicola Davison Reed

Nicola Davison Reed

13th February 2017 2

Nicola Davison Reed’s dark and often haunting black and white work toys with themes of identity, fragility and gestures.

Manifestations of the Mind

Exhibition: Manifestations of the Mind

2nd January 2017 0

Antonia Attwood‘s residency exhibition Manifestations of the Mind launches on January 16th 2017 at Kentish Town Health Centre.

Barbara Dean

Barbara Dean

6th December 2016 0

Artist Barbara Dean explores her recent ADHD diagnosis and the importance of the act of walking within her practice.

Jasmine Blanchard

30th November 2016 0

In Jasmine Blanchard’s series she aims to illustrate the feelings of anxiety to bring greater understanding and awareness to the disorder.

Claire White

29th October 2016 0

Claire White is a 22 year old from Scotland, currently completing her BA in Photography at Edinburgh Napier University. She has a passion for creating projects that evoke a reaction from her audience.

Olli Wiegner

Olli Wiegner

24th October 2016 1

Olli Wiegner is a contemporary landscape photographer currently living in Bielefeld, Germany. In Entropy Definition No. 2 Wiegner explores landscape and place in relation to themes of memory, childhood and perception.

Mike Kear

Mike Kear

17th October 2016 0

Mike Kear reflects on the thoughts of the suicidal with Surface Tension — abstract images produced at various sites of suicides along the Thames Bridges.

More Than An Image

More Than An Image

10th October 2016 1

In this short film photographer Daniel Regan discusses how photography saved his life & how he uses photography to engage in the world around him.


Annabella Esposito

4th October 2016 0

Annabella Esposito is a photographer highly influenced by states of mind, mental health stigma and the use of materials in both portraits & self portraits.

Naomi Woddis

Naomi Woddis

14th September 2016 9

A guest post from artist Naomi Woddis on how the power of photography has transformed her experience of living with Lyme Disease.