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Chris J Roe

Chris Roe

15th October 2017 1

Chris J Roe is a photographer based in Hampshire (UK). His recent project (and photobook) Shadows documents his “struggle with depression in an attempt to visually present the inner workings” of his mind.

Alice Guardadoa

Alice Guardado

8th October 2017 0

Alice Guardado is a photographer currently based in Houston, Texas. Through photography, she is able to express her experiences to others that might be going through similar complications. Her project Gone was made in response to her parents separation, forcing her to be confronted with memories and recollections leading to emotional instability and anxiety.

Mafalda Rakoš

2nd October 2017 1

Mafalda Rakoš is a photographer based in Vienna, Austria, focusing primarily on social issues and their impact on the protagonists’ realities of life. Her project I want to disappear is an in-depth and touching account of those affected by eating disorders.